Garasia tribe lives in live in from past one thousand year

Garasia tribe lives in live in from past one thousand year
Garasia tribe lives in live in from pa...

Garasia tribe lives in live in from past one thousand year

Jaipur. Indian society, even though he did not accept live-in completely, but for the last one thousand years of tribe in Rajasthan Gràcia do so. Even if they do not know the meaning of words like Live. Rajasthan is going to celebrate its Foundation Day on March 30. Special Series on the occasion here under Gràcia of interesting information about the tribe is. Why do you do this tribe ... - Gràcia, live in parts of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Rajasthans Pali, Udaipur and Sirohi his family are settled in some villages of the district. - Gracia tribe for generations in some families there was no marriage. The assumption is that someone in their families after a child before marriage, then children will not. How did this belief?

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