Stardust Awards 2015: Bollywood actors Suit Up for the awards night

Stardust Awards 2015: Bollywood actors Suit Up for the awards night
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Stardust Awards 2015: Bollywood actors...

Stardust Awards 2015: Bollywood actors Suit Up for the awards night

Check out these pictures of celebs suiting up for awards! These gentlemen really know how to look classy! The Stardust Awards night that was held yesterday brought out some of the best fashion tips for everyone! With the women donning beautiful gowns and looking glamorous, the men weren’t left far behind. In fact, these B-Town boys’ style has improved as they age! From Shah Rukh Khan’s velvet suit to Ranveer Singh’s affection towards quirky yet shiny polka suit, B-Town’s celebs glamed up the awards night a little more! And let me tell you, their style is something that even you can incorporate in your attires. In fact, you should actually derive inspiration from these celebs and their winter style because I sure am diggin’

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